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Chelsea Mealo

Photo by Matt Marcheski 

Surprisingly enough, photography is the newest art medium for me. I am a life-long drawer and watercolor painter. I took a photography class while abroad in Italy expecting the class to be relatively straightforward. Ironically, the class ended up being the hardest one that I had. To this day, I am grateful for my Professor that relentlessly taught me the mechanics of the camera, basic Photoshop, and gave me different projects ranging from movement to surrealism to people. This class laid the groundwork for my understanding of Photography.

It wasn't until after a two year lull in photography that I took a self-portrait that achieved some positive feedback, including a request for me to model for a fellow photographer. My modeling career unfolded quite rapidly from there and my network in the photography community blossomed.

As a result, my passion for photography was re-ignited and my concentration on portraiture photography was rooted. On scene, I especially love retro & vintage inspired modeling and portraiture. In post production, color manipulation is my favorite part of editing. I would say that my photography/editing style can be described as vibrant and bright with a focus on depth, unique angles and natural lighting.

As an adventure and portraiture photographer my love for traveling and meeting new people has been cultivated which, in turn, has secured photography as the ultimate creative outlet for me.